Something to believe in.

In today’s cluttered and noisy world, in order to get noticed and connect with the intended eyes, ears, minds and hearts of consumers, you have to Cut through™.

Cut through™

This is our philosophy, mission statement and guiding principle.

Fourteenth century English logician and Franciscan Friar William of Ockham said it best: “Frustra fit per plura quod potest fieri per pauciora”. Often paraphrased: “All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best”, this has become known as Ockham’s Razor.

Keep it simple. Friar William knew it, and so do we.

Here’s what else we believe:

  • Everything must Cut through™
  • Climbing stairs is good for you (come visit us and you’ll understand)
  • Simple is better
  • Positive thinking works
  • It should always be fun
  • Saturday morning cartoons are still awesome
  • Never stop pushing yourself
  • Shameless self-promotion can’t hurt
  • “Roll up the Rim” is the greatest promotion ever
  • Creativity can change the world
  • Apples are better than PC’s (and are very delicious)
  • One person can make a difference
  • It’s always better to spend more time thinking than doing
  • Listening is so important
  • Kids can remind you what’s important
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Bacon makes everything better
  • PowerPoint is very dangerous in the wrong hands
  • Explore strange new worlds
  • To seek out new life and new civilizations
  • To boldly go where no one has gone before